From cocoon to the finest natural fibre

Did you know that the discovery of luxurious silk is due to an accidental event about 5000 years ago?

The Chinese Empress Xiling discovered the world's noblest natural fibre for the first time: "silk"! The emperor's wife watched as the cocoon that had fallen into her tea cup rolled up long and tender threads. She tried to unbundle the silk spinner Bombyx Mori, a discreet butterfly, into silk threads. Thus she gave the start for the production of the most unique and elegant silk products.

The so-called „white gold“, the exquisite and noble silk products could only be purchased by wealthy people. The purchase of silk products increased rapidly due to rising demand and exports. Silk is and remains a very precious luxury product from the past and is still considered to be the world's most valuable natural fibre for a sustainable and ecologically living society.