KOKKON...Luxury on the skin

Founded in Hanover in 2014 and registered as a trademark, the fashion label KOKKON specialises in exclusive silk fashion. The trademark: Luxury fabric silk in modern designs with a feminine, clean silhouette and a focus on the highest quality, wearing comfort and sustainability. KOKKON relies on the great variety of classic and new innovative silk fabrics and their combination with other high-quality natural fabrics such as cashmere, which is reflected in particularly exclusive designs and a wide range of products.

Silk is not only the most precious and elegant fabric, but also has unique properties: air conditioning, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, UV light protection - and sustainable. No other material conjures such a perfect feeling of well-being on the skin and has a comparable noble charisma. These attributes are the greatest inspiration for KOKKON. Silk can be complemented wonderfully with the noble natural material cashmere to beautiful and high-quality blends or individual combination parts.

KOKKON designs are a symbiosis of minimalism and female sensitivity. The fine lines are not overloaded with unnecessary details, yet they are a statement for style, perfection and aesthetics.

With a KOKKON piece every customer wears the highest quality on her skin. Silk is one of the finest natural products in the fashion segment. As a price-intensive fabric, the entire cycle - from fabric purchasing and design cutting to high-quality processing in a Fair Trade manufactory - requires an uncompromising understanding of quality.

KOKKON takes no regard of seasons and is independent of entertaining trends: whether gala dinner in summer or elegant after-work in winter: The outfits are changeable and score for every occasion with that certain design something - they flatter skillfully, without drowning. Also in business meetings or in everyday sports, the looks convince with power and feminine sovereignty at the same time. The look is complemented with exclusive KOKKON cashmere outfits so that you don't have to do without silk even on cooler days. The appearance with exclamation mark is guaranteed - in every respect.

KOKKON stands for Ad-On: Each piece is independent and can therefore be combined in many ways within the various collections. For every mood there is the right piece of clothing to reinvent yourself and be one with yourself at the end. The versatile product range includes tops and tunics, blouses and blazers, trousers, dresses, skirts, overalls and accessories. With a KOKKON style, your favourite basics become high chic - the result is a wealth of unmistakable outfits.

KOKKON takes responsibility: The individual designs are created in Hanover and produced in an excellent factory in Istanbul on a fair trade basis. Label founder Sevil Güner convinces herself personally and at regular intervals of the production processes as well as the working conditions. Transparency in environmental protection is part of KOKKON's corporate philosophy.

KOKKON stands for the independent, intellectual and dynamic woman who stands fully in the pulsating life and attaches importance to style, aesthetics, quality and sustainability. KOKKON designs are timeless and know no age. For KOKKON silk is an homage to ageless beauty for HER from next door or the woman who is active in the social and public sphere of activity.

KOKKON is a registered and protected trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office under No. 30 2014 067 769