The variety of silk fabrics

There are countless different silk fabrics that offer a wide range of applications and design possibilities for fashion designs. In addition to the classic silk satin, some silk fabrics surprise with their structure, finishing or effects.

Today silk can be produced industrially in different variations without losing its specific properties: glossy, matt, smooth, firm, flowing, heavy, light, transparent, finished with pattern printing, surfaces and much more. An incredibly beautiful variety of expression and aesthetics.

In addition, there are silk fabrics that are not made exclusively of silk but are combined with other natural textile fibres such as cashmere, cotton or linen.

KoKKon uses this rich variety of silk fabrics and shows how different natural silk can be transformed into modern designs. Let yourself be inspired by the Kokkon silk fashion and accessories and experience this noble charisma and the irresistible feeling of well-being of silk, which can be compared to nothing.

"In my opinion, silk can't be replaced by anything, it can seem delicate and feminine, or highly technical and ultramodern." Designer Julian McDonald

Opulent silk fabrics

Dense, three-dimensional silk fabrics that impress with their complex texture


Elaborately patterned jacquard silk, interwoven with metal threads


Large-area patterned fabric made on jacquard machines


Luxury fabric with motifs that stand out due to a change in weave and that appear on the reverse side of the fabric. A solid, heavy substance


A silk fabric, falls very softly


Double fabric in which the upper and lower fabrics have different shrinking properties and the finished fabric casts "bubbles

Plastic silk fabrics

Non-transparent silk fabrics that are perfectly drapable, soft and firm at the same time


Silk, where only the warp threads are visible on the surface. Satin silk shines beautifully and falls very softly


Fine wild silk with clear irregularities in the surface


Silk of the Tussah silkmaker with relatively irregular structure and naturally in shades of brown


Silk fabrics woven from the threads of the double cocoon with a relatively even surface


Tightly woven silk, which often consists of different colours for warp and weft threads and thus gives beautiful colour gradations in the same tone


Glossy fabric with wavy line patterning


Silk, where only the warp threads are visible on the surface. Satin silk shines beautifully and falls very softly


Medium weight silk chain atlas with glossy front and matt back side

Transparent silk

Delicate and soft or stiff and structured


Wafer-soft veil-like fabric in plain weave


Manufactured like chiffon, but with multiple twisted yarn


Has a transparent mesh or honeycomb structure


Soft, very light semi-transparent silk fabric in plain weave


Delicate, soft, extremely thin fabric with a net-like surface


A somewhat strong semi-transparent fabric in plain weave


Fabric with a clear structure made of strongly twisted double yarn in plain weave

Flowing Silk

Sensual and tactile, like a second skin


Lightweight knitted fabric made of silk with an especially soft fall

French pancake

Slightly crimped fabric made of heavily twisted yarns

crêpe de chine

Almost transparent silk in crepe weave with slightly crimped surface


Light frizzy fabric n Satin weave with a particularly beautiful fall

(Source: Naturfaserstoffe, 2010 of Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston)
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